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We work hard to ensure that your team and Leadership are involved in every step of the process. Ideas, process and strategy are communicated from the initial discovery and throughout the engagement. Our goal in every project is to make sure you and your teams have the tools and the technology to not only collaborate with us, but to communicate and work together moving forward in your DevOps and Hybrid-Cloud Journey.



Cornerstone strives to provide service with Excellence. We are not just another services company, we are a Solutions Provider built by the people that have deployed these solutions successfully throughout their career.



One of our key values is “Service with Integrity”. We do not upsell a product or a service unless we truly believe you will benefit from it. We work with our customers to strategize a phased approach, optimize the IT you already have then focus on modernizing and implementing new technologies at a pace that works for you and your organization.

Our Solutions



An enterprise automation platform for the entire IT organization, no matter where you are in your automation journey

Monitoring & Metrics

Monitoring & Metrics

From Application Performance Management (APM) to the Cloud Infrastructure it runs on, being pro-active when it comes to monitoring your application and container platforms is crucial.

CICD Pipelines

CI/CD Pipelines

GitLab CI/CD is a part of GitLab, a web application with an API that stores its state in a database. It manages projects/builds and provides a nice user interface, besides all the features of GitLab. GitLab Runner is an application which processes builds.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management

An enterprise automation platform for the entire IT organization, no matter where you are in your automation journey

Container Security

Fifty-four percent of containers live for five minutes or less, which makes investigating anomalous behavior and breaches extremely challenging.

DevOps As a Service

Offload the DevOps workload to the experts. Powered by the TruStacks platform, our DevOps engineers can provide a reliable and consistent DevOps as a Service to allow you and your team to focus on your applications.

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We much anticipation we at Cornerstone Technical Solutions have officially launched our ZEERO platform. A fully managed Red Hat OpenShift environment and pre-built reference architecture based on the Secure Software Factory by DLT Solutions.

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