DevOps As a Service

Offload the DevOps workload to the experts. Powered by the TruStacks platform, our DevOps engineers can provide a reliable and consistent DevOps as a Service to allow you and your team to focus on your applications.

Managed Services

Monitoring & Metrics

We are not your typical VOIP, EMail and Desktop support MSP. We are an Emerging Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP). We can either augment or fully support your Cloud and Red Hat OpenShift, Enterprise Kubernetes initiatives so you get to FOCUS on your software and business applications.

Systems Integration

systems integration

With technology advancing daily, systems and infrastructure become more complex. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that these systems work together for years to come.

Emerging Technology Managed Services


Agile Consulting Engagements or ACE are similar to your traditional Service Delivery Engagements but with work and billing conducted in two week Sprints. These types of engagements allow for greater flexibility with our customers and more feedback loops throughout the project and allows you to pivot more efficiently.

Enablement Workshops


With Technology changing ever so quickly, the ability to have hands on experience with the products can be hard to come by. We can provide free of charge hands-on enablement workshops on technologies like Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat Ansible Automation and more!