Meet The Team

Meet Our Team


Gary Shaffer

After 14 years of experience deploying Emerging Technology and a few years in sales of hybrid-cloud solutions, I learned that you're only as good as the team around you. We have the beginnings of something great here at Cornerstone and I believe we can provide one of the best IT Service Delivery experiences in the Market. We're here to change how Emerging Technology is adopted and consumed and cannot wait to share our solutions with you and help you become a success!

Jared Patrick

sr software and paas consultant
Jared has over 10 years of full-stack development and technology experience. He has the ability to truly bring Dev and Ops together and communicate the best solutions that meet our customers specific needs. Whether the solution requires Automation, micro-services development or OpenShift deployments, he's always there with new and innovative ideas.

Alex Dodd

Security & automation Consultant
Alex is the newest member of our team. She joined the team in 2019 has extensive experience working in DoD and other Government agencies providing Security Assessments and Remediation actions. She is a student of the trade and is always willing to learn new concepts and ideas and is always reading about security. We are proud to have such an enthusiastic member on the Team!

Alicia Patrick

Team Coordinator
Alicia Keeps us in order. From scheduling our consultants out in the field to what most people would consider monotonous back-office work with contracts and vendor relationships and HR. She keeps the team, company and our customer projects moving forward.