ZEERO.io Launched!

We much anticipation we at Cornerstone Technical Solutions have officially launched our ZEERO platform. A fully managed Red Hat OpenShift environment and pre-built reference architecture based on the Secure Software Factory by DLT Solutions.

Monoliths Don’t Have To Be The Future

A text message received on a Thursday morning from a source with too much clout to be ignored caught my attention. An excerpt from GoTime #114 titled “Monoliths are the future” by one of my industry heroes (Kelsey Hightower). Its filled with truth and, despite my attempts to offer a rebuttal, I can’t help but […]

Voting Machines Vulnerable to Cyberattacks still online?

Risk Remediation

Leading distributors of voting machines reveal that their systems have wireless modems, and experts find several left connected to the Internet for alarmingly extensive periods of time, increasing the likelihood of a compromised election. We are amid yet another leap year, and with it comes another presidential election and stories of controversy. In this digital […]

New Features in OpenShift 4.3! Part-1

While many of our customers are still on OpenShift 3.X (mostly 3.11) we thought it would be important to know about some of the changes in 4.3 whether your on 4.x or not … we can get you there and we plan on another write-up on the benefits of 4.x vs 3.11 in a future […]