Professional Services (ACE)

Agile Consulting Engagements or ACE are similar to your traditional Service Delivery Engagements but with work and billing conducted in two week Sprints. These types of engagements allow for greater flexibility with our customers and more feedback loops throughout the project and allows you to pivot more efficiently.
Sometimes you need assistance getting to where you want to be. We at Cornerstone have been providing Red Hat professional services and deployments for almost five years. We have the expertise in emerging technology you need to succeed. Need help deploying Kubernetes with integration into your favorite CI/CD tool and getting automation in place? We have you covered.
ACE Engagements can be conducted remotely, onsite or a hybrid of the two. ACE are conducted in 2-week Sprints of work.

Who Needs Professional Services (ACE)?

Customers looking for a trusted partner and flexible Integration and Consulting services on Red Hat Emerging and surrounding integrated technologies Technologies.

Why is Professional Services (ACE) Important?

Agile Consulting Engagements allow for greater flexibility and like in software development, allows the customer and Cornerstone to pivot more efficiently if required before it's too late. This type of engagement allows for a greater chance of Delivery Success!