An enterprise automation platform for the entire IT organization, no matter where you are in your automation journey
A major challenge in IT today is centered on enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) with minimal downtime and human intervention. This goal has often required extensive custom code—working with multiple software packages. Ansible® is a powerful open source automation language. Uniquely, it’s also a deployment and orchestration tool. While Ansible provides more productive drop-in replacements for many core capabilities in other automation solutions, it also seeks to solve other major unsolved IT challenges, such as CI/CD and Hybrid-Cloud infrastructure deployments.
AUTOMATE EVERYTHING from Cloud Deployments in Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, to your applications. As your business relies more heavily on technology, it becomes more vulnerable to security threats and general human error. The Red Hat Ansible Platform makes regulatory and infrastructure compliance more proactive. With Ansible Tower, you gain more control over your Ansible-automated environment. It layers control, knowledge, and delegation on top of Ansible’s simple, powerful automation engine. A visual dashboard centralizes and controls your infrastructure and displays – Everything going on in your Ansible environment – Role-based access control – Job scheduling – Graphical inventory management – To learn more about creating a compliant and policy-driven automated IT environment

Who Needs Automation?

Technology Teams looking to streamline day-to-day repeatable processes and procedures. Security Teams looking for more autnomous remmediation of events, configurations and deployments that may pose a seucrity risk.

Why is Automation Important?

Automation is an important step in your DevSecOps Journey. As systems become more complex automation provides a repeatable way to deploy and configure systems while minimizing human intervention and error.