Risk Remediation

Risk Remediation is a critical step that resolves the greatest threats and vulnerabilities discovered from the preliminary Risk Assessment.
Correcting vulnerabilities with Risk Remediation is the most critical step once the Risk Assessment is complete. This process resolves the threats found in the assessment and tests any security gaps that were remediated to ensure the weaknesses have been properly rectified.
Risk Remediation
Immediately following a Risk Assessment or a cyber-attack, the process of Risk Remediation begins. It is important that a system’s vulnerabilities be mended as quickly as possible to ensure the continued safe use and storage of confidential data. Remediation efforts not only includes patching systems and using the most secure settings, but also creating policies and procedures and employee training. To help with managing intrusion once Risk Remediation is complete, vulnerability management systems can be deployed.

Who Needs Risk Remediation?

Organizations that have experienced breaches in the past or deal with sensitive data that must be protected.

Why is Risk Remediation Important?

Treating a vulnerable system irresponsibly allows for the exploitation of sensitive information. An attack could destroy an entire organization or result in identity theft, among other things.