End to End CICD Orchestration

Fully Managed. Powered by Ploigos.

What is Ploigos?

For too long, customers and DevOps teams have had to install, configure and integrate a number of tools with capabilities for their pipelines to consume. Then spend months integrating complex pipelines and guessing on best-practices.

As a contributor to the PLOIGOS project we created an out of the box DevOps environment for customers.

Ploigos is an open source opinionated workflow used to transform ideas into delivered software in a production environment. Ploigos can be divided into two major components: the Idea Delivery Workflow and the CI/CD Workflow.


Orchestration over Abstraction

Unlike our competition, we do not abstract the tools make the platform work. You retain full-access to the underlying software factory. We just saved you 3-6 months of time trying to make it all work together together.

Automated Guardrails and Security

Pipeline stages like load testing, container scanning and secrets management are often an afterthought or pushed off to a later date.

By using TruStacks we put your developers on guardrails guiding them through best-practices while at the same time, not hindering creativity or productivity.

A development platform with Standardization Out of the Box

Stop wasting time configuring your own tools and integrations into your pipelines. 

Give your  developers and DevOps teams a platform with the power to focus on what matters. Choose Your Stack and your teams are able to create on a platform with built-in best practices Day1.