Code Ready Pipelines and Developer Workflows

Fully integrated secure software factories

Less Ops, more development

Built on the most reliable and predictable opensource CI/CD tools and services. ZEERO provides a standard yet flexible end to end DevSecOps platform.

ZEERO handles the integrations and upgrades of all the tools in the workflow so you don’t have to.

More coverage in less time

ZEERO is the glue between your pipelines, tools and the steps in the development process. Stop configuring tools and bridge the skills gap to free your engineers to ship code and value faster


Instant control-plane deployments

Wizard based deployment of your entire CI/CD toolchain. 


Bootstrap your cloud and Deploy a DevSecOps ZEERO instance to GCP or Azure in 30 minutes or less. Your Secure Software Factory and Continous Orchestration platform deploys in minutes.

Kubernetes Agnostic Deployments

With ZEERO, you are not limited to a single Kubernetes distribution or environment. Deploy to Dev, QA and Production environments from the same DevSecOps Continuous Orchestration platform and Secure Software Factory.

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