The DevOps Orchestration Platform

Start. Right. Now.

1 %
of code changes take a week or more
1 %
have no automated security testing
1 %
of production services still run on premise
1 %
have no automation citing time and budget contraints

Developer Focused Workflows

Stop wasting time configuring your own tools and integrations into your pipelines. 

Give your  developers and DevOps teams a platform with the power to be CICD agnostic and focus on what matters. Choose Your Stack and your teams are able to create on a platform with built-in best practices Day1.

Reduce Complexity

With innovation comes complexity. As DevOps teams grow so too do their requirement for processes, compliance and procedures which usually result in more tools that need to be maintained.


With TruStacks, we leverage the power of the components and tools you already use in the Secure Software Factory by directly integrating their functionality into the pipelines powered by PLOIGOS.

Orchestration Over Abstraction

Just because we fully integrated and automated the capabilities of the secure software factory into the pipelines does not mean we are hiding the underlying tools themselves. 

Unlike our competitors, TruStacks wants you to see and understand the technologies that make the platform successful for DevOps Orchestration. In many cases, you have the freedom to further expand your fully supported TruStacks Platform.

Automated Guardrails and Security

Pipeline stages like load testing, container scanning and secrets management are often an afterthought or pushed off to a later date.

By using TruStacks we put your developers on guardrails guiding them through best-practices while at the same time, not hindering creativity or productivity.