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Zeero is the end-to-end fully managed open secure consumable integrated complete DevSecOps Software Delivery Platform

1 %
of code changes take a week or more
1 %
have no automated security testing
1 %
of production services still run on premise
1 %
have no automation citing time and budget contraints

Easing the journey to DevSecOps through Secure Software Factories and bult-in best practices

It’s not enough to dockerize your application into microservices, run it through a basic pipeline and deploy it on Kubernetes. Believe it or not DevOps done correctly can be complex and time consuming. 

There are many steps to developing Modern and Secure Software and there are even more vendors involved with every step of the process. The initial aim of a Secure Software Factory was to bring the best of breed OEMs to each step in the process. 

We save our customers months of integration time required to integrate the DevOps tools requried to deploying secure and modern software.

Pre-Built declaritive Pipelines with security and quality built-in

DevOps was hard enough. Now Operations and Developers are becoming overloaded with tools, additional complexity and new security requirements throughout the CI/CD process and toolchain. You cannot expect your team to do it all and do it well.

Focus on the outcomes, not the tools.

With ZEERO you and your teams can become more:

The tools you trust

Fully integrated

Cloud Infrastructure & Services

We standardized on what we would consider the best Cloud Infrastructure in the industry. Google Cloud extends our Zeero platform by providing industry leading cloud native features and functionality to extend your software applications

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Clearly, we chose the industry leading Kubernetes Platform. Stop worrying about how to manage it, but instead gain value from developing your micro-services on a modern and robust container platform.

Container Security & Logging

Container logging and security is crucial and should not be an after-thought. Starting day Zero (get it) you can have one of the industry leading container logging and security applications on the market today.

APM & Logging

Datadog provides numerous integrations that led us to the decision to standardize on this platform. Container logs, Security integrations and APM and logging features. DataDog is a core part of our platform

Version Control & CI/CD Pipelines

GitLab provides the bulk the features needed for industry leading version control, security, pipelines and efficiency when developing new software.

APM Error Handling

We teach our ZEERO customers how to integrate sentry into their containerized applications. We want the ability as your managed service provider to tell you when your application may be having issues before you call us. By integrating Sentry.io, we will receive a notification in Datadog.

Next Generation Code Analysis

With ShiftLeft integration we can provide Increased security throughout your development process. Shift left provides code analysis and increased security by providing accurate results, Developer-Centric Workflows and achieving greater compliance such as Soc2, GDPR and more.

Cloud Infrastructure & Services

Our solution, toolkit and glue are cloud agnostic. We can deploy your secure software factory on either Google or Microsoft Azure. Two of the leading Cloud Service Providers in the Industry.

Continuous Delivery for Applications on Kubernetes

ArgoCD automates the deployment of the desired application states in specified target environments. Application deployments can track updates to brances, tags or pinned to a specific version at the Git commit.






Secure Integrated Pipelines

Our interaction should not be about deploying technology, but how to create value from it day-1. Stop worrying how you're going to manage your CI/CD secure pipelines and all the tools involved and just focus on your applications.

Common Development Platform

Quickly modernize your apps and infrastructure together. Centered around Red Hat OpenShift, ZEERO provides a fully-managed service and the tooling needed to modernize your existing and new applications.


Give your customers what they want and develop application value more frequently. Focus on building micro-services the right way and your software. Not the support of your platform and tooling.

Emerging Technology

We help take the guesswork out of what's next. By standardizing our framework around Emerging Technologies we aim to help future proof your platform and tooling for the years ahead.

New Ideas

You no longer have to worry about the operational aspect of your new Kubernetes infrastructure and developer tools. You now have the capacity to ACT on new Ideas and initiatives.


A DevSecOps culture is more than just tooling, it is a result of a shift in Culture. We help facilitate this change with our customers to enable them to use the tools effectively, but only after addressing and changing dated processes over time.

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